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How to Distinguish Between Medium Shelf and Heavy Shelf


Many customers can't distinguish between medium-sized shelves and heavy-duty shelves when they buy storage shelves. Today, spieth summarized the differences between the following two kinds of shelves. Let's have a simple understanding!

1. Composition of structure

Medium sized shelves are mainly composed of beams, columns and laminates, which are used to store relatively small items. Sometimes, it is necessary to consider the scattered storage of small items. Cartons or parts boxes can be designed on containers, which are beautiful and elegant. Heavy shelves are mainly used for parts of columns and beams to store pallet goods. The size of shelves is designed according to the storage target and the size of pallets, In order to avoid the forklift truck hitting the rack, some anti-collision pillars, collision barriers and other accessories will be added.

2. Shelf height

The medium-sized shelves are usually used for manual storage and retrieval of goods. The height of the shelves is large, so the manual height and height can be considered, most of which are more than 3 meters. The heavy-duty shelves are usually entered by forklifts. The height of the main shelf is considered to be the net height that can be used in the warehouse. The height of the forklift can be increased by more than 3 meters, and some elevated shelves can weigh more than 10 meters.

3. Installation and removal

The medium-sized rack usually has a large loading capacity. When installing, it can be placed directly according to the layout of the drawings given by the customized manufacturer. It can be easily and quickly disassembled. The general customer controlled drawings can be installed and disassembled by themselves, which is very convenient. The heavy-duty shelf has high load capacity and height. In order to ensure the stability and safety of the shelf, it is necessary to install drilling holes to install expansion bolts on the shelf Fixed on the ground, the expansion bolts need to be removed, so the installation of heavy-duty shelf is completed by a professional shelf installation personnel.

Heavy Shelf

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