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The advantages and disadvantages of the cantilever rack


When it comes to store for long loads it often comes down to two choices: translated stacking or cantilever racking. With the stacking of capital investment but the efficiency and storage capacity is also very low.

Cantilever racking, require substantial capital investment, planning, but can dramatically improve warehouse productivity and handling times with increased storage capacity great.

What are the advantages of cantilever racking?

1. The relative easy to install and configure.

2. Able to store any type of load of wooden pallets.

3. Ideal for long loads, reduce handling times and improve productivity in stock is more easily.

4. Can add more weapons allows for storage of all shapes and sizes.

5. Product can be stored vertically, up to 6 meters.

What are the disadvantages of cantilever racking?

1. The cost of capital investment in the design and installation rack

2.Need a passage space between each rack.

3. Efficiency in storing the sheets

cantilever rack

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