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Industry News

Attic shelves maximize the use of warehouse space


Warehouse shelves can be said to be the transportation hub of the whole enterprise. It plays a connecting role, just as the transportation of a city determines the logistics development speed of the city. The attic shelf is just one of the best.

The reason why more and more warehouse shelves appear in enterprises and factories in recent years is that it is a device that can save site waste and increase the use of site space. And it can facilitate the management of warehouse personnel, not just the iron shelf for placing things. With the development of many warehouses, the storage of goods makes enterprises start to need shelves to increase the storage capacity of warehouses.

When selecting shelves, first of all, the general warehouse uses standard shelves, but if the standard shelves placed in the warehouse can no longer meet the storage needs, you can choose attic shelves to help the warehouse further expand the storage capacity.

Attic shelves can make full use of the space in the warehouse. Because attic shelves are generally shelves with two layers of inventory. Of course, if the warehouse is large enough, you can also customize three layers of attic shelves.

In this attic shelf, we can put standard shelves to make full use of all the space in our warehouse. If only the standard shelf is placed, although the height of the standard shelf can also be customized. However, if the shelf is customized too high, it will be relatively troublesome to place or take the goods, which needs the support of warehouse storage equipment.

Attic shelves occupy more positions in the logistics and warehousing industry with their unique advantages. If you want to know more information, please feel free to consult at any time.

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