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Back To Work, Back To Production


  2020 Spring Festival is a special Festival for all the Chinese people. It is the biggest traditional festival in China. But this year, due to the corona-virus outbreak in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, Causing a lot of people been inflected, the Spring Festival holiday has been expanded until Feb 3th. Some provinces even to Feb9th, during these long holidays, almost all the factories in China have been shut down. And even some roads are blocked in order to keep the people separated from this epidemic. After a long time strict control by the government, the epidemic situation has been better. Because almost all the workers in our factory are from the local area, no one from Hubei, so our factory is very safe, no one has been inflected during the holidays. Finally, our factory has been allowed to re-open on Feb 10th, 2020. Now we are busy producing all the different storage racks orders. Because of the long time unexpected holiday, it has caused a little delay for some orders, but now all come back to schedule. All the orders of different racks, including rivet shelvings, longspan shelvings, heavy duty pallet racks, wire mesh deckings and wire mesh containers, are now on the production line. Thanks to our clients’ understanding, we have successfully been through the hard times. We believe we will do better after this test, our country will be stronger.

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