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Industry News

Brief Introduction of Light Shelf


1、 Anti collision device

A group of anti-collision columns shall be set according to different shelves, channel widths and transportation tools. Place the crash barrier at the passage position.

2、 Provisions on shelf use system

Different warehouses have different goods. Each warehouse has different convenient ways. A set of management system should be established for warehouse management, so that every warehouse keeper can learn and abide by it, which is the way to achieve the goal.

3、 Propeller with power propeller

Heavy loaded or towering warehouses must be equipped with pushers, and the use and operation of pushers must only be operated by special personnel with licenses. Almost all the spears of the warehouse shelves were hit and deformed due to the use of pushers by non designated personnel.

How to place goods:

If the beam of the warehouse shelf is deformed during loading, the goods shall be taken out in time and new beams of the same specification shall be replaced in time. When the beam body is deformed and bent, the beam body should not be used in theory.

The storage density of the through shelf is high, but the storage mode is single, which generally adopts first in first out. Therefore, when storing goods through the shelf inventory, the time for taking out the goods should be fully considered to avoid time waste. Cantilever shelves are mostly long strip-shaped circular tubular items, such as metal, wood, etc. attention shall be paid when using cantilever shelves, otherwise it will cause waste of warehouse capacity of cantilever shelves.

In fact, shelf placement rules are rarely adopted. In practice, violations should be avoided as much as possible, which can not only ensure the safety of shelf use, but also prolong the service life of shelf.

Light Shelf

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