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Characteristics of storage cage


Storage cage, also known as butterfly cage, is a standard logistics container. It is a metal cage with mesh structure used to store goods. There are many kinds of storage cages, but each has a suitable place, which is very convenient and effective, greatly reducing the transportation cost and saving space. What are the characteristics of storage cages? Let's have a look.

Storage cage features:

1. The installation, loading, picking up and stacking of warehouse cages are simple, flexible and easy to operate, which can realize the three-dimensional storage.

2. It is suitable for loading, unloading, handling and stacking with forklift, crane, crane, elevator, trolley and hydraulic pallet truck, saving time and labor.

3. Rationalization of warehouse management: uniform specification, fixed capacity, clear storage, easy inventory counting, and separate layered and small amount unloading to avoid the trouble of warehouse turnover.

4. Space saving: using stacker, elevator and crane, it can stack four floors high to produce three-dimensional storage effect. When not in use, it can be folded and stacked, which is only 20% of the original use space.

5. Easy to use: this container has a special design, folding type, simple and safe operation, light folding and unfolding, no space, wide application range and long service life

6. Rugged and durable: the container has a solid structure and is spot welded with strong steel bars. The bottom is reinforced by U-groove welding and equipped with a special foot frame, so that the operation is safe and fast. It is actually one of the favorable tools for making money in the working world.

Storage cage is more and more widely used. It can not only store goods and save space, but also can be folded and moved. It is more and more common in the market. It is an important product in the logistics and storage industry. If you want to know more, please contact me.

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