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Common Sense of Shelf Maintenance


With the development of logistics, partition shelf plays an important role in our life, so how to extend the service life of partition shelf? Here is a detailed introduction.


Apply protective paint regularly to reduce rusting. Ventilation should be done in time to keep the warehouse not too wet. Although the shelf column and crossbeam are all metal products, and the surface has baking paint, they may rust after being affected by moisture and sun for a long time, thus affecting the service life. If the shelf laminate is wood, the part near the window is most vulnerable to rain, and the wood will be deformed and warped after rain.

2. Anti collision protection

The installation of anti-collision column plays a very important role in the protection of shelf column. The most vulnerable part of the shelf is the channel and the corner of the column, usually due to forklift collision deformation. A set of anti-collision pillars shall be provided according to different shelves, channel width and transportation tools. Anti collision guardrail shall be installed at the passage position. In addition, to do a good job in daily inspection, if there is a screw loose place should be fixed in time.

3. Weight proof

Shelves of different specifications are made according to load-bearing design. Therefore, the weight of goods placed on the shelf must be within the shelf weight. The warehouse manager had better mark the load limit on the shelf. To follow the principle of shelf bottom heavy light, that is, bottom put heavy, high put light.

4. Special personnel are required to use the pusher

Heavy duty and high-rise shelf warehouses must be equipped with power pushers. Because most of the warehouse shelf column is impacted and deformed by non designated personnel, the use and operation of the pusher must only be operated by certified personnel.

In short, we must pay attention to the maintenance at ordinary times. When the shelves are not used for a long time, they can be disassembled, which is conducive to the preservation and maintenance of the shelves.

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