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Daily Protection of Warehouse Shelves


Warehouse shelves in the material and process processing has been in place, but with the passage of time, inevitably there will be some problems. Normal maintenance will make the shelf safer and longer service life. Shelf maintenance mainly needs to be carried out from three aspects, namely surface treatment, physical protection and detail maintenance.

1. From the surface maintenance of the shelf. The shelves in the warehouse, especially in the small and medium-sized warehouse, are mainly affected by uncertain factors, and are easily affected by many surface problems caused by interference. Such as humidity, rust, dust, etc. If there are peeling and rusting problems on the shelf, these areas should be treated in time, and protective paint should be sprayed to evenly treat these parts to prevent secondary problems.

At the same time, the warehouse should carry out targeted ventilation and other treatment in time to maintain a certain air flow and prevent excessive humidity or other situations. At the same time, dust on the shelves must be cleaned. Dust is not only easy to pollute products, but also has adverse effects on the use of shelves, such as causing trouble to the upper signs of shelves, or polluting fixed parts and the operation of management personnel. If it is not serious, it should be cleaned up timely and effectively.

2. Physically protect the shelf for maintenance. The main performance of this maintenance is to allow the shelf to run under a reasonable load and avoid unnecessary shelf safety problems. Especially for storage shelves, each type must have its own design standards, bearing range is limited. In practical use, we should follow this requirement and try not to exceed the standard to avoid the shelf deformation and other safety problems. The bottom of the shelf should follow the principle of light weight, that is, heavy at the bottom and light at the top. In addition, when dealing with shelves, necessary anti damage measures should be taken on some occasions to prevent accidental physical damage. Such as anti-collision net, anti-collision fence, etc.

3. Shelf maintenance in daily details. Maintenance of details usually plays a key role. Warehouse shelves often can't see why problems appear on the surface. Attention should be paid to details to avoid many problems. People oriented, daily operation should be carried out in strict accordance with the specified warehouse management standards, in order to achieve the system specification, operation specification and detailed specification. Avoid management problems of contempt and fluke. At ordinary times, the warehouse should start from ordinary times, keep consistent as far as possible, and implement sanitation and regular placement of goods for every detail.

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