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Double Deep Pallet Racking Systems


Double Deep Pallet Racking systems comes from an normal selective racking systems. The rack is designed as a two-row parallel structure to work with scissor forklifts, almost 42% for Warehouse utilization rate and the selection rate is 50%. The hallway is designed for the forklift and the structure is the same as an adjustable pallet rack. This is widely used in the food, tobacco, factory industry and so on. The most common usage of double deep pallet racking is:

1) Operating height can reach to 8 meters.

2) Suitable for warehouse with up to 50% usage rate. 

3) Doubling your warehouse inventory.

4) Perfectly suitable for forklifts.

5) FILO mode.

6) Double Deep Pallet Racking Systems is the lowest cost of warehouse racking systems.

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