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How to Reduce Column Collision


Warehouse is the place to store goods, forklift and shelf are two essential logistics equipment. The design of the shelf is closely related to the operation of the forklift when storing and storing goods. Collisions also happen from time to time, so how to avoid such a situation? Here are some general points.

1. Before the design, discuss the specification of forklift with the shelf factory, so that the designer can reserve more space, so that the staff can have more space when operating the forklift, so as to protect the attic platform.

2. Make some obvious marks in the warehouse so that the staff can know when to turn, slow down and stop when operating the forklift, which will greatly protect the columns of the attic platform.

3. When purchasing the loft platform, we should purchase the protective device together with the shelf manufacturers. However, many shelf manufacturers will consider installing a supporting guardrail and a foot guard for the loft platform to protect the loft shelf when designing and installing the loft platform.

The attic platform is mainly supported by support columns, and the attic platform placed in the warehouse will always be impacted by forklift. The attic platform columns are often impacted by forklift, which may cause certain damage to some parts of the attic platform, such as column deformation, which will lead to some losses of the warehouse. Therefore, these problems must be considered before making shelves.

The normal use of the shelf in addition to routine operation, but also pay attention to the usual protection, protection measures to do the perfect will make the shelf with more long-term. It seems that there is only a small structure for the protection of a column, but it plays an important role in the protection of the shelf, which is worth it.

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