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How to prevent the light shelf from deforming during use


The causes of light shelf deformation are mainly divided into four points. First, before customizing the shelves, the load-bearing problem of each shelf was not verified and determined, resulting in the failure to select appropriate materials according to the actual needs in the production process, resulting in overweight and deformation in the actual delivery. Second, in the actual use process, the enterprise did not replay the goods according to the heaviest goods and stored overweight goods, resulting in the deformation of light shelves. Third, in order to save costs, cut corners in the production process, and the actual materials do not meet the required load, resulting in the deformation of light shelves. Fourth, in the process of using the forklift, when loading and unloading goods, the forklift collides with the shelf, resulting in the deformation of the light shelf. The main reason for shelf deformation is well known, so how to correctly use light shelves to avoid deformation? Let's take a look:

1. When designing the specification of light shelf, factors such as use requirements, equipment conditions, load weight, material supply and installation conditions shall be comprehensively considered.

2. The dimensional tolerance, deformation and clearance of light shelves shall comply with relevant standards. (the maximum allowable deflection of column is 1 / 1000, and the safety factor is 1.95; the maximum allowable deflection of beam is 1 / 200, and the safety factor is 1.65).

3. Use light shelves correctly. Goods shall be placed according to load-bearing shelves and shall not be stored overweight. To avoid collision between forklift and shelf, it is best to configure anti-collision equipment such as anti-collision angle and anti-collision barrier.

4. Locking devices must be provided at both ends of each beam of the light shelf so that the beam can be firmly fixed on the column to prevent separation due to upward external force. In order to ensure the engagement between the beam and its locking device, the normal operation of the beam lock or the fastening of screws and nuts shall be checked regularly during use, and the damaged device shall be replaced in time.

5. The installation site shall be flat without ground depression and inequality. The column base of the light shelf column shall be correctly fixed on the concrete foundation, while the heavy shelf needs to be installed with tension and explosion-proof screws closely connected with the ground to fix the shelf.

6. The settlement value of light shelf foundation shall be strictly controlled to ensure the normal use of shelf structure. In the shelf design of non integrated warehouse, attention should be paid to the separation of shelf foundation and building column foundation to prevent the damage of warehouse shelf structure to the building.

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