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Installation steps of angle steel shelf with conventional structure


1. Before assembly, the main parts and accessories in all packages shall be cleaned and separated according to category. Then pick out the column of the shelf.

2. After picking out the column, take out the triangular pieces that need to be fixed at both ends.

3.The triangles at the top and low ends are consistent in the installation direction, with right angles upward. Note that the place where the lowest edge of the column contacts the ground shall reserve enough height as the shelf foot according to the environment of the installation site.

4. After the installation of the first and last two laminates, the column on one side of the whole shelf is installed, and then other laminates are installed with the same or different layer spacing according to their own needs, and the screws need not be tightened too tightly.

5. After determining the position of the laminate, turn over the lying shelf and fix the columns on the other side of the shelf respectively. When installing the remaining columns, pay special attention to the distance between the laminates, otherwise the laminates will be uneven and the shelves will be unbalanced. The best way is to count the holes between the laminates on the side where the column is installed, so as to determine the distance between the laminates.

6. After fixing the remaining columns, erect the whole shelf, place it on the flat ground, gently shake the shelf to see if it is stable. After confirming that there is no problem, use a specific screwdriver to reinforce all screws. Finally, the installed shelf can be placed in the place of use.

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