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Introduction of Drive In Shelf


Drive in shelf, also known as push back shelf, is a kind of pallet storage shelf, which belongs to the advanced out shelf. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of drive in shelves? Let's have a look.

一、 Working principle of drive in shelf:

When the pallet goods are pushed back on the guide rail by the trolley, the front and rear beams are stacked by multi-layer trolley, and the goods are placed on the trolley at the front end of the shelf. When the goods are stored later, the forklift will push the original pallet goods inside at the same time.

The bottom wheel pallet trolley crosses the inclined track through the bearing. When the outside goods are taken away, the inside trolley will automatically slide to the outside.

Drive in shelves can generally plan storage depth of 2-8 pallets.

二、 Advantages of drive in shelf:

1. Greatly increased the application rate of warehouse space, compared with the ordinary tray shelf, the same area can store more goods, with a utilization rate of about 60%.

2. Simple storage, no need for special storage devices, reduce the investment on the equipment.

3. As for the warehouse with no request for picking up, it can greatly reduce the manpower. The operators only need to stand in the same center to store the products in the shelf, reducing the labor cost.

4. The operation form is simple, which reduces the risk of cargo damage caused by loading and unloading.

三、 Defects of drive in shelf:

Drive in shelf is only suitable for the warehouse that can be in and out, so it is not suitable for all industries, and its application scope has certain limitations.

四、 Application scope of drive in shelf:

It is usually used in places where the storage space is extremely limited, but it is necessary to increase the storage capacity or have time request for goods, etc.

Suitable for small variety and large quantity of goods, first in and last out operation mode, suitable for freezer and other conditions that need to improve the application rate of space.

Drive In Shelf

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