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Introduction of Longspan Shelves


Longspan shelving is quite common shelving we used in our warehouse nowadays. With its various sizes and low price, they are used more often to store items in warehouse than other racking system. The frequency of use of longspan shelves takes nearly 30% of the total market. There are two styles of longspan shelves, the diamond hole and the butterfly hole, and the styles of restricted shelves according to different products and site areas also have different changes. This model is of low cost performance, long service life, and overall appearance, which is suitable for most enterprises and office areas, or home use.

Longspan shelves are assembled by frames, beams, and boards. The overall structure is assembled. It is easy to handle and disassemble with quality of strong and durable. It is widely used in enterprises, warehouses, shopping malls and supermarkets.

The material of frames is mainly in the shape of butterfly holes. The sectional size of the material is 75*35mm. Based on the loading capacity per level, different thickness can be choosing to use. For common size, the size and thickness of the shelf beams and shelves are ready for stock. Yes, the material thickness and specifications cannot be changed, it is ready stock.

The customized shelf column is a diamond-shaped holes shape, and the thickness and cross-section of the overall material are very different from the standard model. The material cross-section is 60*50mm, and the thickness is 1mm, 1.2mm, and 1.5mm. Based on the loading capacity per level, the thickness can be selected to meet the requirements.

The number of levels, levels height, and loading capacity per level are adjusted according to the size of the goods. When choosing a shelf suitable for your use, you should pay attention to avoid being overloaded or overweight of heavy objects colliding with the shelf and causing damage to the shelf.

Longspan Shelves

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