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Introduction of Spieth Boltless Shelving


  Boltless shelving is a kind of commercial shelving, which can be easily assembled without nuts and bolts. Boltless shelving is a great way to store household in the kitchen, to store car parts in the garage, and to store stationery in the office and many other types of gadgets is to put on the boltless shelving.

  Spieth boltless shelving usually ranges from 3 to 6 levels, and the shelving is able to hold the loading capacity ranges from 100kg per level to 245kg per level, and the common height ranges from 24” to 144”. The depth of the boltless shelving is depending on the items that the customers would like to store on the shelves, the boltless shelving that need to be assembled could be adjusted to the depth and height, so that each level may be a different depth and height to hold the items that needed to be organized and stored on the rack. The smaller and lighter boltless shelving is the best and perfect solution to use in a kitchen, at home and especially in the garage, because there are so many people store all kinds of tools in their garage that the cars could not be parked inside. By using boltless shelving, the garage can be use in a high limit to organize and store the tools and spare parts in orders.

  A set of Spieth boltless shelving includes upright posts, beams, boards and plastic feet includes. And to the beams, Spieth boltless shelving has three style beams, Z-style beam, L-style beam and C-style beam. And we have MDF board, laminated board, and steel board to match up boltless shelving depending on the loading capacity.

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