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Maintenance Measures for Storage Shelves


Storage shelf manufacturers mostly belong to one-time input equipment. Generally speaking, the service life is at least 15 years, but attention should be paid to the maintenance of the storage rack. The following are the maintenance measures for storage shelves:

1. There are different ways to standardize the shelf use system of different warehouses and different commodities. Warehouse management personnel should establish shelf use system, so that every shelf user can learn and abide by it, so as to ensure the safety, full use and service life of the shelf.

2. Although the columns and beams of moisture-proof and sunscreen shelves are metal products painted on the surface, they may rust and affect their service life when exposed to humid environment. The shelf is mainly made of wood. The wood near the window is easily wet by rain, and the wood board will deform and warp after rain.

3. Shelves of different specifications are designed and manufactured according to the bearing capacity. Therefore, the weight of goods on the shelf should be within the weight range of the shelf. The warehouse keeper should mark the loading limit on the shelf. The principle of light weight at the bottom of the shelf should be followed, that is, heavy at the bottom and light at the top.

4. It is stipulated that special personnel should use the pusher, especially the heavy-duty and high-rise shelf warehouses, and the power pusher should be equipped. The use and operation of the pusher can only be operated by personnel with certificates. Most of the deformation of the shelf column is caused by non designated personnel using the pusher. On the other hand, the crossbeam of the shelf is customized in yellow and color to facilitate the identification of the operator of the pusher.

5. The easily damaged parts of the anti-collision warehouse shelf are the channel and corner columns, which are usually deformed due to the collision of forklift. Shelf suppliers are equipped with anti-collision pillars according to different shelves, channel widths and means of transportation. All entrances shall be provided with crash barriers.

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