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On the correct use of steel tray


Steel tray  is an important kind of products in tray.It is deeply welcomed by the majority of users. However, the cost of steel tray is high and easy to be corroded, so we need to be extra careful when using it. Let's introduce the correct use of steel tray.

1. The load mass of each steel pallet shall be less than or equal to 2 tons. In addition, in order to ensure reasonable during transportation, the height of the loaded goods shall not exceed two-thirds of the width of the steel tray.

2. The stacking method of steel pallet goods shall be reasonably selected according to the type of goods, the quality of goods carried on the steel pallet and the size of the steel pallet.

In general, the utilization rate of bearing surface area of steel tray shall not be less than 80%. Special attention should be paid here:

Wooden, paper and metal containers and other hard square goods shall be stacked in one or more layers, and shall be packed with stretch or shrink film;

Paper or fiber goods shall be stacked in one or more layers and shall be sealed with binding tape;

Cylindrical goods such as sealed metal containers shall be stacked in one or more layers, and wooden cargo covers shall be reinforced;

Metal bottle cylindrical container goods are stacked vertically in a single layer, and the cargo frame and strip reinforcement structure shall be added;

Bag goods shall be compacted and stacked if they are staggered in multiple layers.

3. The main methods for fixing the goods carried on steel pallets are bundling, gluing and binding, stretch packaging, etc. they can be used together. If the goods carried by the steel bracket still cannot meet the transportation requirements after being fixed, protective reinforcement accessories shall be selected as required.

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