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Precautions For Use And Maintenance of Shelves


Shelves are very common in our daily life. Although the shelves are made of iron, it is necessary to use and maintain the shelves correctly. Because the correct use can reduce the shelf damage, reduce unnecessary costs. Regular maintenance can extend the shelf life, even if your warehouse management personnel change batch after batch, your shelf still stands in the warehouse. So what should be done in the use and maintenance of the shelf? What should we pay attention to? Here is the information about the use and maintenance of the shelf. If you are interested, let's have a look!

1、Although the shelves have done surface treatment, but in the use process should also pay attention to moisture. The shelves need to be cleaned with rags after damp to avoid the shelf from rusting. Special attention should be paid to the joint position of the shelf, which is easy to rust.

2、The shelf should not be overloaded during use. Each shelf has its maximum load, which has been decided when it is designed, so do not force the load in the process of use, so as to avoid potential safety hazards.

3、We should pay attention to the size of the goods, not super wide. The size of the pallet and goods should be less than 100 mm of the size in the shelf.

4、The goods should be handled with care to avoid hitting the shelves.

5、The principle of placing light objects at the top and heavy objects at the bottom should be observed.

6、To choose qualified quality card board, do not use non-standard card board.

7、When goods are stored on the shelf, avoid personnel entering the bottom of the shelf, safety first.

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