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Precautions for Use of Steel Pallet


Steel pallet is an indispensable auxiliary transportation logistics equipment in the warehousing and logistics industry, which plays a huge role in the warehousing and logistics industry. According to the correct use of standard operation, the steel tray can not only give full play to its own role, but also increase its service life, reduce the purchase cost of the tray, and make the enterprise benefit greater.

Since the steel pallet is so useful in the logistics industry, what should we pay attention to in the process of use? Let's have a simple look!

1. The tray should be placed gently to avoid deformation or damage caused by uneven force on the steel tray when landing.

2. When the goods are placed, they should be placed evenly to avoid uneven force and side deflection during lifting and handling.

3. When using the handling equipment, it should be considered whether the fork size matches the jack size of the steel pallet, so as to avoid the damage of the steel pallet due to improper size.

4. When stacking, we should consider whether the static load of the next steel tray can meet the requirements. When using the steel pallet, the packing combination should be neatly stacked on the steel pallet, and the proper packing belt and wrapping film should be added to facilitate the loading, unloading and transportation of the handling equipment.

The above points are just simple matters needing attention in ordinary times. The use of steel pallet greatly facilitates the loading and transportation of goods, saves space and improves efficiency. It is a very convenient product in the logistics and warehousing industry. In the daily use process, we should also protect the products. Only the correct use can give full play to the maximum effect!

Steel Pallet

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