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Problems needing attention in daily maintenance of yard ramp


The hydraulic boarding axle shall strictly abide by the principle of overweight, and overload work may cause damage to people and objects; Working on the lifting platform without safety barrier may cause personnel to fall and cause casualties.

In order to ensure that the hydraulic boarding axle is in good working condition, check in advance before use: mainly including whether the control button is effective; Whether the power cord and socket are intact; Whether the oil pipeline is intact; Stability of guardrail; Tightness of bolts at each junction point; The appearance quality is intact. However, when the power supply is turned on and the indicator light is on, press the up button, the motor rotates and the lifting table does not rise. This may be that the motor reverses after the three-phase power supply is connected reversely. It only needs to be corrected by the power supply, so it is not a big problem.

When the hydraulic boarding bridge works, the outrigger shall be supported and the outrigger bolts shall be adjusted to make the lifting platform stably bear the force on the outrigger and keep it horizontal; During the lifting process and in the lifting state, the lifting platform shall not be moved and shaking on the lifting platform is strictly prohibited.

If there is abnormal sound when the hydraulic boarding bridge works, stop the machine immediately for inspection to avoid serious damage to the lifting platform; Check whether the electrical equipment is normal before use; Lubricating oil must be added to all axle pin oil holes before each use. No load lifting must be carried out before use to check whether the hydraulic system is normal; The load of the workbench shall not be greater than the rated value, let alone violent artificial shaking; The hydraulic oil in the oil tank must be replaced every 500 hours.

After the boarding bridge is completed, all parts shall be scrubbed and cleaned. When not working, the workbench shall be lowered to the lowest position.

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