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Several places to pay attention to when designing storage shelves


There are many types and models of shelves. In order to achieve the best use state of shelves, it is very important to match its specifications and models with the warehouse and various logistics equipment in the warehouse. In order to make the storage shelves better adapt to the warehouse, customization of storage shelves has become the choice of most people. What problems should we pay attention to when we customize storage shelves?

1. Weight of goods and pallets: goods on heavy shelves generally can be put on shelves only through pallets. Before designing shelves, it is necessary to understand the weight of each pallet to facilitate the calculation of the weight to be carried on one floor.

2. It is planned to place several pallets on one floor: Generally speaking, two pallets of goods are placed on the first floor of heavy shelves, which is an important basis for us to calculate the bearing capacity of each floor and the length of each group of heavy shelves.

3. The height that the warehouse can use and the lifting height of the forklift. The installation of heavy shelves is to make use of the upper space of the warehouse. The height of each layer of heavy shelves can be determined according to the height of goods and pallets, so as to obtain the total height of shelves. However, if the upper space is not enough or the lifting height of the forklift is not enough, the upper shelf can not be used is a troublesome thing.

4. Pallet size and cargo size: in our actual work, some pallet area is greater than the cargo area, or some cargo area is greater than the pallet area, so it is impossible to make it so appropriate, so we should calculate the length, width and height of each shelf according to the maximum area.

5. Check the building conditions of the storage area: check the site conditions of the workshop or warehouse, such as fire hydrants, fire passages, building columns, doors and pedestrian passages. Reasonably arrange the shelf arrangement.

6. Forklift model and parameters. Because the access on heavy shelves needs to be operated by forklift, there must be a channel between the two rows of heavy shelves for forklift turning. The turning radius of diesel forklift is different from that of electric forklift. This applies to the beam shelf, which is often referred to as the pallet shelf.

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