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Significance of storage shelves in attic


The attic shelf is composed of columns, secondary beams, main beams, floor panels, etc. with medium-sized shelf or heavy shelf as the main support, plus the floor panel, the load-bearing capacity of 500kg per square meter can be easily assembled on site without welding. The attic shelf mostly adopts cold-rolled section steel floor. The overall structure is assembled without on-site welding. It is beautiful and generous as a whole. Compared with concrete structure or section steel structure, attic shelf has the characteristics of low cost and high space utilization because the shelf on the ground floor itself plays the supporting role of the upper floor.

At the same time, the attic shelf has strong bearing capacity and good integrity in the storage shelf, and has the characteristics of good bearing uniformity, high precision, flat surface and easy locking. The goods are transported to the second floor and the third floor by forklift or elevator, and then transported to the corresponding place by trolley or hydraulic tractor. The attic shelf is one of the Z large shelves in the shelf, and it is also a shelf with large storage space. The attic shelf can make full use of the upper space of the warehouse and greatly improve the storage space of the warehouse, with high utilization rate and low cost. It is suitable for small goods, manual access and large storage volume.

Significance of storage shelves:

1. Improve work efficiency

Sorting and placing goods through storage shelves can not only store goods well, but also facilitate counting and checking the types and quantities of various goods, which plays an important role in subsequent inventory counting and use. And the storage shelf can be used with forklift, shuttle, stacker and other intelligent storage equipment. Greatly reduce labor, improve work efficiency, and play an important role in production.

2. Promoting specialization

With the continuous development of storage shelves, in addition to the continuous improvement of basic functions, combined with industrial 4.0 intelligent manufacturing, automatic three-dimensional warehouse was born. It can not only store all kinds of goods, but also has great advantages in work efficiency, storage management and storage space utilization, so as to improve the overall efficiency of the enterprise. The development of automated three-dimensional warehouse will make the development of storage shelf industry more and more professional and better.

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