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Specification for Use of Cantilever Shelf


Cantilever shelf is one of the common heavy storage shelves. Spieth is committed to the production of logistics storage equipment, with a wide range of products. Some cantilever shelves can also be classified as medium-sized storage shelves due to the small bearing requirements of the design. The following points should be paid attention to in the use of cantilever shelf:

1. It is required to install the cantilever shelf with expansion bolts. If the installation is not completed, the cantilever shelf cannot be used.

2. The delivery must be in accordance with the bottom cantilever to the high cantilever to release profiles or other goods.

3. The weight of profiles or other goods shall not exceed the designed maximum uniform load of cantilever shelf.

4. Heavy profiles or their goods are placed on the bottom, lighter ones on the top, and so on. When picking up the goods, the operator should be on both sides of the cantilever shelf to prevent the goods from slipping and causing safety accidents.

5. Each layer of goods shall be placed in strict accordance with the uniform, and the weight of each layer of storage shall not exceed the maximum uniform load of the shelf design, and the goods shall be stored with care.

6. The surface of the shelf is treated by electrostatic spraying. Workers should avoid damaging the spraying layer on the surface of the shelf and affecting the service life and appearance of the shelf.

7. Because the shelf has been impacted by cargo ballast and external forklift for a long time, the warehouse keeper should check the shelf frequently to see whether it is overloaded, whether each cantilever is on the same horizontal line, and whether the safety pin falls off and whether the bolt is loose.

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