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Spieth Supermarket Shelf: All You Need to Know


  Spieth Supermarket shelf management standards: 

1.Specifications and sizes of supermarket shelves: designed according to customer requirements. 

2. Origin of materials: All high-quality cold-rolled A3 steel plates from Shanghai Baoshan Steel Plant are used. The national standard model of the steel is SS400, and the material surface requirements are extremely high. 

3. Shelf column: cold-formed tube made of high-quality cold-rolled SS400 steel sheet from Shanghai Baoshan Steel Plant. The square tube section size is 70 * 40 (length * width) and the material thickness is 2.5mm. The single-sided force is 600Kg, the maximum deflection allowed is 1/1000 of the height, and the safety factor is 1.5. 

4. Plywood: The high-quality rolled SS400 material of Shanghai Baoshan Steel Plant is 0.8mm thick and the ribs are welded at the bottom, which is safe and reliable. The weight of each layer of the laminate is 250Kg, and the maximum deflection of the guide plate is 2/1000 of the length of the laminate. The safety factor is 1.5.

5. Structure: All are formed by buckle, the number of layers can be increased and decreased freely, and the installation is fast and convenient. 

6. Packaging: Fully packed in carton.

  Use supermarket shelves to display products, can efficiently use limited business space, arrange products in an orderly manner, so that customers can see at a glance, and send product information to customers as quickly as possible. Goods displayed on the shelf can effectively prevent moisture, dust, theft, and damage to improve the quality of material storage.
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