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Stay Strong Zhengzhou Stay Together China


Last week, the continuous heavy rainfall hit regions including central China's Henan Province, causing heavy casualties and property losses. The rainfall has made the flood control situation very severe, causing severe waterlogging in Zhengzhou and other cities, water levels in some rivers exceeding alarm levels, and damages to dams of some reservoirs, adding that sections of railways have also been shut down, and some flights have been canceled. The continuous heavy rainfall made the Zhengzhou into a water-city in a very short time.

The severe catastrophic rainfall has caught every Chinese’s eyeball, when the flood happened, Numerous police, army, and volunteers from across the country have gone to Henan to fight the floods and provide disaster relief. And there are many enterprises has donated the hundreds of thousands of relief goods and donations to help the people who have been suffered this catastrophic rainfall to bring back their lives into normal and help them to rebuild their homeland.

Here is the safety guide when the extreme whether happened

For the passage

1. Do not make and ask phone calls, it is better to put off your phone.

2. do not stand under the tree sheltering from the rain.

3. Do not get close to any electric equipment, like electric transformer.

4. Stay away from the building to avoid the billboard falling, broken glass falling, flower pots falling.

For the drivers

1. Once the car drives into the deep area, open the doors and get out of the car immediately.

2. Once the engine put off, do not reboot again, otherwise, the engine will get damaged and insurance company will not claim settlement.

3. Do not drive the car to the tunnel.

4. Be aware of braking when rains.

We Spieth hope that the people there will get through these difficult days and return to normal life as soon as possible.


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