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The Application of Medium Storage Shelf


  Medium storage shelf is one type of storage shelves. It is between Heavy duty and Light duty type. Generally speaking, the medium-sized shelves are basically equipped with shelves for directly placing various goods, so the shelves for the warehouses also become long span shelving. The construction and production process of medium storage shelf is not complicated. It can be customized in many racking manufacturers, but some companies have different load capacity requirements for long span shelf.

Long span shelves

  Medium storage shelf is widely used in small/medium-sized warehouses, e-commerce warehouses, professional warehousing and logistics enterprises. They are a convenient shelf for manual or forklift operation and a good helper in the storage chain. The unit load of each layer of the medium storage shelf is usually around 150-500kg. They may be able to bear more weight due to customer’s requirements and material strength.

  The simple structure and extremely convenient assembly make the medium storage shelves popular. Usually the medium storage shelves are composed of columns, beams, shelves, etc. The independent group has two sets of columns. This is called the starter. If several groups are assembled into one column, then in addition to the first group requiring two columns, the other can shares a column with the group in front of it. Such a shelf is called an add-on. Medium storage shelves are widely used, and their manufacturers are also very numerous. The best-used shelves are tailored to the specific needs of the purchaser so that they can best meet the customer's needs and achieve the best price/performance ratio from the source. 

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