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The Advice for Moving Warehouse Pallet Racks

As warehouse grow, change, and expand, there may come a time when the entire management is afraid: moving your biggest installations.

Do you need to relocate your warehouse to make sure that your largest products are prioritized, you are on the road to move to a completely new warehouse, or you just need to sort out something to make sure you have a place for your new storage rack, moving your previously installed storage shelves can be a serious pain if done incorrectly.

In particular, warehouse pallet racks are one of the most tricky items that you may need to disassemble and reinstall. There are many separate components that can enter it, and safely delivering them to a new destination is work in itself.

If you want to be better prepared the next time you move the pallet rack, here are some tips we can offer to make it a bit simpler:

Disassemble as slowly as possible: the most important thing to remember is that during the demolition of warehouse pallet rack there are many small details and trifles that can go wrong, and your teams will have to remove them all as slowly as possible in order to do nothing lost or damaged. Look for small pieces, such as retaining pins, and store them in a designated place so as not to lose them, and move everything else slowly and carefully to prevent damage.

Tag parts as needed: if the pallet racks were not marked for special use, now is the time to start marking everything as you disassemble it. Use colored masking tape or electrical tape to check which parts go with which pallets stand, and help to keep everything together as much as possible.

Check for damage. During the dismantling of the transport rack, you can quickly check for damage and other problems. Look for bent pillars, damaged mounting brackets, curved stepped beams, and mark them as requiring repair or replacement before the pallet rack is assembled in a new destination.

Set traffic. If you move the pallets through the same building, you will need to determine where they are moving and how they are moving. Install guards for the warehouse to determine the path, and then make sure that your employees know how not to cross these lines to avoid accidents, injuries or damage to the product.

Check their final destination. Finally, before they can get to their new place, make sure the area in which they are installed is safe and usable. Measure everything to provide enough space for your warehouse pallet racks, without interrupting movement and not leveling the shelves around it, and make sure that the ground is flat and even to prevent accidental slipping or damage in the future.
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