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Top Tips to Get Your Warehouse Survive from Winter


  It’s known by the world now that there is a virus out there make our life hard. But what is worse is, if the prediction is correct, it will be very cold in the beginning of next month, and we are told that the corona virus is a better survivor in cold weather than human.

  As a sales of warehouse storage equipment – all kinds of pallet racks from China, I know that a lot of customers are using pallet racks system for cold room storage for storing pig meat, chicken meat, beef meat, beverage and some other goods that need to be stored in low temperature.  

  We know that this coronavirus started from Wuhan in China ( Japanese export said it should be started in America not Wuhan China, it needs to find out, we do not know the truth ) is active in low temperature, if it happens that some one that carrys the coronavirus take the virus into cold room pallet racking storage system, and other people happen to go in there, and if other people happen to closed to or touch something that was touched by the “some one that carries the coronavirus”, he or she may be get infected.

  But, hope you guys know that the coronavirus will be be active in any subject, it can only live in living bodies such as human bodies and animals, animals are find to take it, only human get sick to it, for now.

  So it is telling you that it’s fine as long as you do not close to infected people.

Take care!

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