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What Are The Performance Advantages of Mezzanine Shelves


First, let's take a brief look at the attic shelves.Mezzanine shelf, as the name implies, is to build one or two floors of loft on the basis of the original shelves of the enterprise, so as to store more products and goods, so as to save the floor space of the warehouse and improve the utilization rate of the warehouse. Loft shelf is convenient for equipment or manual operation, which is a priority for many enterprises when purchasing shelves. So, what are the performance advantages of loft shelves?

1. You can select the panel style of the loft shelf according to your actual use needs.

2. The load of the loft shelf is about 300-1000kg, and the load is even. Large quantities and varieties of goods can be reasonably placed on it.

3. The attic shelf is a fully combined installation, which can be installed directly at the user's site, convenient for loading and unloading, and can be adjusted at any time. The overall shelf is very beautiful.

4. The attic shelf can be equipped with railings and stairs. Large goods can be accessed by machine equipment. Small goods can be accessed manually and directly. The combination of manual and machine makes the access operation convenient.

5. The loft shelf can be on the basis of the existing shelves in the warehouse, medium-sized shelves or heavy-duty shelves can be used. The design of matching loft specification drawings and plans can effectively make good use of the upper space of the warehouse. Reduce other available floor space.

6. The loft shelf can be used to place the goods in different categories, which is not only convenient for the access of daily goods, but also reduces the burden of later inventory

Mezzanine shelf has many advantages and wide application range. It is an important category in the shelf system. Our products have excellent shelf quality and favorable price. Welcome to consult.

Mezzanine Shelves

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