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What Three Aspects Should We Pay Attention to in Shelf Maintenance


At present, with the rapid development of the shelf industry, the shelf manufacturing technology has become more and more mature, but the mature technology, the use of a long time will also face a series of problems. For heavy-duty shelves, the biggest problem is the surface oxidation, oxidation will make shelf strength problems, thus affecting the normal use of shelves. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job in shelf maintenance. Spieth summarizes the shelf maintenance knowledge from three aspects.

1. To maintain the surface of heavy-duty shelves, the shelf surface is a very important place, because it often contacts with the outside world, so it is the most prone to oxidation. Enterprises need to pay special attention to the maintenance of this place, and pay attention to the situation that there should be no water on the shelf surface. If the spray paint of the shelf falls off, they should re spray the shelf as soon as possible. Besides making the shelf more beautiful, spray paint can also protect the shelf and prevent the shelf from oxidation. It is also necessary to maintain the air circulation in the warehouse, and prevent water accumulation and humidity in the warehouse.

2. The physical maintenance of the warehouse shelves, simply speaking, is to operate in strict accordance with the use specifications when using the shelves. When storing goods, employees should store the goods according to the load-bearing capacity of the shelves, which should not exceed the maximum load-bearing range of the warehouse shelves. At the same time, they should also follow the principle that the bottom is heavy and the top is light, so as to avoid the situation that the top is heavy and the shelf is tilted. Operators should also be careful not to collide with the shelves when using forklift and other equipment to avoid unnecessary losses.

3. Do a good job in the maintenance of the warehouse shelves from the details. The enterprise can arrange fixed personnel to inspect the shelves at regular intervals, and observe whether there is any damage or bending of the crossbeam on the shelves. On the one hand, timely detection can immediately maintain the shelf, on the other hand, it also reduces the probability of accidents.

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