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What are The Functions and Common Sense of Shelves


Many people are paying attention to the use function of shelves, but in the actual use, they still don't understand the function of these shelves, so what is the use function and common sense of shelves? Let's have a look.

1. Storage and safekeeping is the basic function of the shelf, it is mainly for the storage of goods, to avoid loss and damage.

2. Conditioning supply and demand: in the process of production and sale, more or less errors due to various reasons. It needs the buffering characteristics of storage to adjust.

3. Distribution and circulation processing: scientific and reasonable warehouse decision-making and warehouse management can effectively reduce the total storage cost and logistics cost. Different production types and sales forms need different strategic plans and management forms.

4. Supply information: Modern shelves have gradually evolved into a modern logistics distribution base integrating circulation, processing and distribution.

5. Conditioning transport capacity: Warehousing provides information for all systems, and is also a major symbol of modern warehousing.

Common sense of shelf use

1. Anti overloading: the weight of each layer of goods stored shall not exceed the designed load of the shelf.

2. When the goods are placed on the shelf in the warehouse, the operators should not directly enter the bottom of the shelf.

3. Prevent top heavy goods: the principle of putting light goods at the top and heavy goods at the bottom should be realized.

4. Anti collision: the forklift should be handled with care during operation.

5. Avoid storing shelves in wet places.

6. Take care of the shelves regularly and clean the dust on the shelves.

If you can correctly master these common sense and skills before using the shelf, it is not only a kind of protection for the shelf, but also a kind of improvement for yourself, so you should read these precautions carefully.

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