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What are the advantages of push back shelf


Push back shelf is a high-density pallet storage system, which stores pallets of the same goods on retractable track shelves with two, three and four times the depth and slightly upward inclination. The storage and removal of pallets are carried out on the same channel. During storage, the forklift pushes the pallets into the depth of the shelf one by one. When taking out, the pallets move forward one by one by gravity, so the pallets put in first are taken out last. The system can not only reach the warehouse capacity of driving in shelf, but also reach the taking out capacity of tray self sliding shelf.

As a special type of shelf, push back shelf is also widely used in the market. It is a very efficient product for the storage and storage of goods. What are its advantages? Let's have a look.

When the product has a large number of pallets and does not require "first in first out", the working procedure can be simplified and the benefit is very significant.

It can shorten the picking time and does not need special handling equipment.

Due to the large storage area and less channels, the space utilization and productivity are very high.

It can avoid the cargo damage often caused by the loading and unloading operation of high-density storage shelves.

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Push back shelf

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