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What are the precautions for daily application of logistics trolley


The logistics trolley is suitable for logistics handling between enterprise processes; The goods can be loaded in the factory or logistics distribution center and transported to the store directly as part of the commodity shelf. Logistics trolley is a sharp tool for the logistics industry and production industry. The correct use of logistics trolley can make the space of production line operate as much as possible; Plan production, save manpower and reduce costs to achieve high production capacity and high quality; Product handling is the mainstream to ensure the safety and reliability of personnel and articles in the handling process. So how to use the logistics trolley correctly? What should we pay attention to?

1. Assembly of logistics trolley:

Most logistics trolleys are foldable and detachable. Then, before use, it must be assembled or unfolded.

2. Use of logistics trolley:

Under different needs, the logistics trolley can be modified to some extent. For example, a partition is set in the middle of the trolley to separate left and right or layer up and down, so as to facilitate the storage of different goods.

The logistics trolley is equipped with four wheels, two of which are fixed and the other two can rotate 360 °, which is very convenient for people to push. The logistics trolley shall not be stacked during use, but shall be stored separately on the ground.

3. Storage of logistics trolley:

If the logistics trolley is disassembled or folded for storage when it is empty, the occupied space of the trolley can be saved.

It is formed by installing casters on the bottom of flat tray, column tray or net box tray. It has the following advantages: in the process of cargo handling, it saves manpower and time to improve efficiency; The goods are clearly displayed and easy to load and unload; It can fold and close multiple logistics trolleys together, collect and keep them, and save space.

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