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Why are Heavy Duty Shelves The Most Widely Used


First of all, the first reason is that the total cost of heavy-duty shelves is not high, because the size is fixed, that is, the beams and columns of heavy-duty shelves can be mass produced. Everyone knows what can be mass-produced. This is very time-saving, so its cost is not too high, so the overall price of the assembled heavy-duty shelf will not be too high.

Secondly, the second reason is that the stability and bearing capacity of heavy-duty shelves are the best after installation. If the shelf can build a higher shelf in space, it must be a heavy shelf. After all, the higher the height, the more unstable the whole center of gravity of his body, especially affecting his load-bearing capacity. The reason is that if the forklift center of gravity is not stable, accidents will occur. In this respect, heavy shelves are absolutely safe.

Finally, it can be accessed not only in the car, but also manually. After installation, the heavy rack is a pile of frame structure, which can be accessed on both sides or one side. Easy to adjust the function, so that the heavy shelf storage of some small goods, can achieve the advantage of high utilization. Therefore, in the logistics industry and storage industry with the highest frequency of warehouse use, the choice of heavy shelf is the highest.

The development of an enterprise must be a stable rear. The most basic thing is to ensure that the people in front are selling their own strength, and the warehouse behind can keep up with the pace. The purpose of warehousing is to promote the development of enterprises, not to slow down the development of enterprises. Heavy storage is not only the most widely used type of shelves, but also the most basic type of shelves in the logistics industry.

Heavy Duty Shelves

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