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Why is the conventional standard color of storage shelves blue and orange


What color should the storage shelf choose? No matter what kind of commodity is purchased, the appearance color of the commodity is more conspicuous and eye-catching. The appropriate and beautiful color matching of the product can increase the buyer's purchase desire. Like other commodities, all accessories need to be matched with appropriate colors, which should not only meet the beauty loving psychology of consumers, but also match with the warehouse and stored goods. In addition, from the perspective of the manufacturer, the color matching should not only consider the beauty, but also consider the cost of plastic spraying.

Let's explain why most storage shelves are matched with blue + orange, and where is its scientificity and rationality.

1. Safety warning function. As the equipment for storing heavy goods, the safety of storage shelves is very important. If they are hit by forklifts in the process of storing and storing goods, the consequences are very serious. In addition to the stability of structure and excellent material, the color is also very important to improve its safety. Blue and orange are particularly eye-catching colors, which clearly distinguish the beam from the column. Generally, the column is blue and the beam is orange. In particular, the orange warning function is very strong, which plays a very good role in reminding the warehouse personnel when storing and storing goods, so as to prevent the forklift from hitting the shelf.

2. Good psychological suggestion. From the perspective of chromatics and psychology, each color has its own psychological implication. In the working environment, especially in the environment of single machinery and complex work such as warehouse, choosing appropriate and beautiful color matching can also improve the work efficiency of staff and alleviate psychological fatigue to a certain extent. Blue is a cool color, which gives people a sense of calm and stability, and helps people to complete their work stably and carefully in the process of work. Orange is a warm color, which gives people an eye-catching and lively feeling, adds some positive elements to the monotonous work, adds vitality to the original dull and boring warehouse, and helps employees put more energy into their work. Blue and orange match and complement each other, making the warehouse layout clear, adjusting the mentality of the staff and alleviating some fatigue.

3. Cost saving. The combination of blue and orange on storage shelves has become the default conventional standard color in the industry. However, some customers will propose other colors they prefer when purchasing. At this time, we usually remind customers that the storage shelves belong to customized products. If unusual colors are selected during the first purchase, and the shelves need to be added in the warehouse in the future, if the quantity is not large, the quotation of shelves with unconventional colors will be more expensive than that of conventional colors, or the delivery time will be longer, because the manufacturers basically use conventional colors in the spray workshop, The price of purchasing a small amount of plastic powder in unconventional colors is relatively high, and the cost of changing the color of plastic powder in the spraying workshop is also relatively high. Moreover, the color can be changed only after a large number of conventional color shelves are sprayed, so the cost of adding shelves in the future will increase significantly.

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