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Why is the stacking rack suitable for storing steam tires


The stacking rack has the advantages of large load capacity, high space utilization, convenient and durable movement, and can be moved by the forklift together with the tire, which improves the working efficiency when packing the tire, ensures that the goods will not be lost, and improves the economic benefit. Therefore, the tray for storing the steam tire usually adopts the column tray, which is usually called the stacking rack or the tire stacking rack. The advantages of more stackers are described below:

1. All the stacking racks are processed by welding, which is firm and durable. The V-shaped track stacking design is adopted. The load borne by the two tracks can be equally distributed on the four columns. The greater the load, the more stable it is

2. Stacking rack is a multi-functional equipment for cargo unit loading, commodity storage and commodity circulation, which can be placed freely according to the site conditions; Uniform specification, fixed capacity, clear storage and easy inventory in the warehouse.

3. The stacking rack has the function of pallet. It can not only be used independently, but also be used together with various shelves. It can be used with steel pallets, plastic pallets, wooden pallets, etc. it also meets the four-way fork of forklift, and the handling is convenient and free.

4. The stacking rack can be arranged freely according to the site conditions and has a wide range of applications. It is suitable for product storage in any industry. It can be used in e-commerce warehouse, bonded warehouse, third-party logistics warehouse, etc. it is not only suitable for constant temperature warehouse, but also for cold warehouse.

5. The stacking rack meets the requirements of mechanized handling equipment and can be used in many links such as transportation, handling, loading and unloading, storage and storage. 

In addition to storing tires in the automobile industry, the stacking rack is also suitable for areas where shelves are not suitable, such as rental warehouses, low old warehouses, workshop temporary storage areas, etc. it can be used in various logistics links such as transportation, handling, loading and unloading, storage and storage with forklifts.

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