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Advantages and disadvantages of drive in rack system


Drive in racking are a common type of storage racks used in food warehouses. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of through shelves? 

The advantage is that the drive in racking is very practical, and it can carry many times more items than ordinary shelves such as (medium-sized shelves), but it also has its requirements. All kinds of racks are processed or stored with a very small number of items. It means the goods in your warehouse should be same. For example, it is milk or beverages, etc. For such items, their packaging is the same, and the format and size are the same. 

This kind of rack is perfect for such items. Because this kind of racking is based on first in, first out. Why is this kind of racking more practical, because it has a channel without breakpoints, which greatly enhances the storage rate of items, and this kind of rack can indeed carry items to the maximum extent. It greatly enhances the space used and increase usage. This is the greatest good thing for the factory, because the factory can create more products and put them in the warehouse. 

The advantage of the drive in racking is that it can greatly store items, but the disadvantage is that it is relatively limited. For the production of many other items, or in other words, it is not suitable for this racking. So no matter which company or individual, you must consider your own situation when choosing racks, you need consider what kind of items are in your warehouse. Then you will not waste the space, but also the time. 

For the drive in racking, it is very easy to take, and it is also convenient to place more items of the same type. But the premise is that you must know what kind of racks you need before you choose.

drive in rack system

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