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Advantages of radio shuttle racking


The radio shuttle racking system is huge different from traditional normal racks. It not only has higher warehouse utilization than traditional racks, but also breaks through the single entry and exit method of traditional racks that can only be first-in first-out, and can be accessed with more excellent access. 

Advantages of radio shuttle racking.

1. The volume rate of radio shuttle racks is twice that of usual racks. In a warehouse of the same area, the usual volume rate of racks is 34%, the volume rate of radio shuttle racks is as high as 75%, and the volume rate of radio shuttle racks is twice that of usual racks. 

2. The access method of radio shuttle racks is more than that of ordinary racks. Usually, pallet racks can only meet the single access method of first-in first-out or first-in-last-out, while radio shuttle racks can reach two access methods. Then it is more suitable for food, medicine and other operations that require higher access methods;

3. The power of the radio shuttle rack is higher than that of the ordinary rack. Compared with the ordinary rack, the radio shuttle rack forklift does not need to enter the rack to access the goods, and one worker can operate multiple radio shuttle vehicles at the same time, which greatly reduces the waiting time of the operation. The working power has been great improved.

4. The radio shuttle rack is safer than ordinary racks. The structure of the radio shuttle rack is very stable. In addition, the radio shuttle car accesses the goods inside the rack. 

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