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Factors affecting the safety of storage racks


Different from the shelves and racks used in supermarkets, storage racks generally carry heavy duty goods, whether they are used in the warehouses of production enterprises or logistics centers. Therefore, once there is a problem with the storage rack, it will be a major safety accident. How to ensure that the storage racks are firm and safe in the use process has become an important link in the production and circulation of goods. What factors will affect the safety of storage racks?

storage rack

1. The influence of the early design.

Design is the premise of production and one of the preconditions of installation and use. The design is rigorous and reasonable, and it can coordinate all aspects of use factors, which are related to the safe use of storage racks. The design of this aspect generally refers to these aspects:

(1) Fully evaluate the strength, stiffness, and stability requirements of the rack itself. Design according to relevant standards;

(2) Fully consider the height and width of the racks and the connection and stability of the warehouse building;

(3) Fully consider the impact of the physical and chemical characteristics of the stored goods on the rack.

2. Safety factors from rack manufacturing

The manufacturing stage is related to the quality of the storage rack, the experience of the user, the brand influence of the product, and one of the important factors related to the safety of the rack. It is embodied in:

(1) If the material specification is inconsistent with the design, it will lead to the weakening of the structural capacity and cause safety hazards;

(2) Insufficient treatment of the painting process of the racks, ranging from the peeling of the patent skin, and affecting the internal structure in severe cases;

(3) The precision and details of the manufacturing racks are not in place, resulting in insufficient links between each group of racks and others, which is prone to safety problems.

3. Safety issues during installation and use.

The general structure of storage racks is relatively large, and there are many connection problems in each part, which requires the operation of professional installers. If you don't do it well enough, it's easy to get in trouble. If the verticality and angle of the column are not enough when installing the rack, it will have a negative impact on the whole rack if it is not handled properly. In addition, the installation of safety accessories and other safety accessories required on the rack is not standardized or in the wrong position, which will weaken the protection. the effect, detrimental to safety. Improper operation of the warehouse personnel when using the rack may also cause the safety of the rack, such as over-loading goods, strong collision with the rack, etc., which may cause the rack to be displaced or deformed, thereby affecting the safe use of the storage rack.

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