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Foldable metal wire mesh cage


Recently a client from Canada needs the wire mesh cage for their metal parts storage, perhaps it is strange for some people, here is an example and some recommendations about this product: 

Heavy weight foldable metal wire mesh cage L800*W600*H650mm,with 500Kg Load Capacity and approximate weight 27kgs, the use stacking way is ground+4pcs, the wire diameter is 5.6mm, and the mesh size is 50*50mm,the feet high is usually 100mm, the door is half-open type,with price tag.

As a kind of logistics container, this kind of storage cage can place some non-regular goods and then use forklift operation. In order to improve the utilization rate of the warehouse, it is often necessary to use the storage cage on the shelves.

wire mesh cage

Economical storage solution 

• Increases storage density and handling efficiency. 
• Increased content identification and stock control. 
• Allows you to easily handle, transport and store products. 
• Half drop gate that allows for easy ergonomic access to stored goods. 
• The collapsible design allows for efficient storage and transportation. 
• Reduce costly product damage in storage and transportation. 
• Light and strong offering a low weight-to-load ratio. 
• Lots of options and accessories can be added to increase ROI. 
• Available in a variety of sizes and capacities.

Do you need more space for storage? Just contact me, our drawings will bring your vision to reality and once approved by you, then go into production. Spieth Storage is one of the leading storage solution providers in Southeast China, we can help you to select the suitable storage rack/shelf to save space, and increase your storage capacity, through the whole production process, we will report it to you via pictures or videos. After delivering, we will make a report about your storage rack/shelf on QC and the loading report. Choose Spieth, your best faithful storage supplier in China.
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