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How to Prevent Storage Shelf From Deformation?


How to Prevent Storage Shelf From Deformation?

The warehouse storage shelf is a kind of frame structure, which can make full use of the utilization of the warehouse space and the warehouse capacity; The cargo stored in the storage shelves are not kneaded with each other, reducing the loss of materials; the cargo access is very convenient and convenient for inventory And measurement, can be advanced and first-out. Many corporate customers are worried about the quality of the shelves after they get the shelves of the manufacturers.

Many times, shelf manufacturers will encounter a corporate response. The storage shelves have been painted, the beams are bent, and the shelves are tilted. Then, is it true that the quality of the shelves is unqualified? What other conditions will lead to deformation and bending of the shelves? In order to make better use of the storage shelves, here's the answer.

warehouse storage shelf

1. The placement of the cargo is higher than the shelf of the storage shelves. When the storage shelves are purchased, the warehouse storage shelf manufacturers will select the corresponding materials according to the layers of the goods. When the weight of the selected material is higher than that at the time, the storage shelf will be deformed.

2. The amount of uneven distribution, will form the deformation of the storage shelves, such as when placing goods, the weight of each layer of goods are stacked in the middle department, and there is no layer load of goods at both ends, it will certainly cause storage shelf deformation.

3. Using Handling equipment handling wrong. Sometimes, the use of units to enable the use of handling equipment such as forklifts to carry goods, due to driver problems, will cause the forklift to hit the storage shelves, and then cause storage shelves deformation.

4. The material selection is not good. When the customer purchases the storage shelf, the unpredictable ones will encounter some bad storage shelf manufacturers, cut corners, make up the number, and then make the storage shelves deform.

We got the answer about how the shelves are deformed. How do we use the shelves correctly and reasonably?

1. The surface of the storage shelf is rust-proof, but it is still protected from moisture during use. After the storage shelf is wet, it must be wiped clean with a rag to prevent the storage shelf from rusting. In particular, pay attention to the interface position of the storage shelf, which is a place where the rust is easy to rust.

2. The storage shelves should not be overloaded during used. Each storage shelf has its maximum load. It has been fixed when it is planned, so do not force overload during use to prevent potential safety hazards.

3. We should pay attention to the scale of the goods placed on the floor, not super high and super wide. The dimensions of conventional laminates and goods should be less than 100 mm of the internal dimensions of the storage shelves.

4. The handling of goods in the process should be handled with care, forklift trucks should drive safely to prevent collision with storage shelves.

5, Obey the high-level storage shelves of the storage shelves, the bottom of the weight of the criteria; at the same time each layer is arranged to arrange the goods.

6. Be sure to select quality qualified laminates, do not use non-example laminates.
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