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Logistics trolley cage

The logistics trolley is also called a cargo trolley or a cage car, and a turnover trolley is a unit of mobile container equipment that is equipped with four casters to transport and store materials. It is often used in the logistics distribution of large supermarkets or the logistics turnover between factory processes. The logistics trolley is a powerful tool for the logistics industry and the production industry, which can make the production line space operate to the best of its ability.
The products stored in the logistics trolley are eye-catching, and during transportation: on the one hand, it protects the safety of materials. On the other hand, there is no clutter caused by already sorted and equipped products. Loading and unloading are very labor-saving; the wheels are usually designed as two directional wheels and two universal wheels to facilitate manual push. 
The logistics trolley can carry the weight according to the cargo design.

The logistics trolley is often used in the logistics distribution of large supermarkets or the logistics turnover between factory processes.

Advantage of logistics trolley cage:
1. The logistics industry and the production industry carry sharp tools so that the production line space can be fully operated;
2. Plan production, save manpower and reduce costs, so as to achieve high production capacity and high quality;
3. Mainstream product handling to ensure the safety and reliability of personnel and items during handling;
Fourth, the storage space is large and the application is flexible, and the foldable collection does not occupy space.
Five, with signs, clear process operations, easy to transport, flexible, and easy to operate.
6. High mobility, beautiful structure, surface electrostatic spray treatment, and long service life.
7. Easy to transport.

8. The round tube is welded into a surface and connected with a clamp, which can be folded.

9. High mobility, scientific design, reasonable structure, and beautiful appearance.

10. Laminates can be added according to customer requirements, and equipped with 4 movable wheels to facilitate the flow of goods, and connectors can be added to connect with forklifts.

11. Professional design, easy to operate, save time and effort. Widely used in the logistics and distribution industry and processing and manufacturing industry. It is small.

A must-have for object handling, it can be used for various purposes such as handling, storage, and display.

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