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Original danish flower trolleys from Spieth


Did you know that danish flower trolleys offer a sustainable logistics solution? The danish container is a reusable Transport Item (RTI), which means it is reusable and helps the horticulture industry to operate efficiently and sustainably. This reduces the need for disposable packaging in a supply chain. In addition, the danish trolley is resistant to wear and tear and can be used in extreme temperatures.

Danish flower trolley enables easy transport.

Speith has been the developer of the original danish flower trolley for over 20 years. 

danish flower trolley

The danish flower trolley is specially designed to support you in transporting your flowers and plants. As the danish trolley is equipped with wheels, it is easy to move around. 

This allows you to replenish shop stocks quickly and easily. Danish trolleys consist of a base, four posts height-adjustable plywood shelves.

These height-adjustable plywood shelves are designed to fit all sizes of flowers and plant trays. Ideal for the best protection of your flowers and plants during transport.

Danish flower trolleys can be used in the pool system. This is the largest pool system for Reusable Transport Items (RTIs) in the European sector for flowers and pot plants. Our extensive depot network ensures that you can pick up and drop off your danish flower trolleys wherever and whenever you want. This reduces your transport movements and increases your flexibility. In this way, we are taking the step towards a sustainable future. A future where we share the use of load carriers.

As the market leader, we aim to continuously optimize your Supply Chain. In this context, we are responsible for quality and protection and consider the interests of retailers, consumers, and suppliers.

If you are looking for a transport container that is specially designed for transporting plants and flowers, then the Spieth will meet your expectations.

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