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Reasons for the popularity of heavy-duty storage racks among enterprises


When it comes to heavy-duty storage racks, I believe many people will not feel unfamiliar. It is a fully assembled structure in the form of columns and beams, which can meet the storage needs of different equipment forms. With the rapid development of the logistics industry, the application of racks has become increasingly widespread, and a product has good sales and is loved by most consumers. It is caused by multiple factors, including the power of advertising and brand influence, but the most important reason is the advantages of the product itself. The main reason why heavy-duty storage racks are popular is their own advantages, which mainly include the following.

storage rack

1. Load bearing capacity.

The reason why heavy-duty storage racks are called heavy-duty storage racks is because of their strong load-bearing capacity. This is its biggest advantage. The heavy-duty storage rack consists of several layers, each with two units that can accommodate goods. The maximum load-bearing capacity of each unit can reach 2000KG, which is a weight of two tons. The heavy-duty storage rack can reach a load-bearing capacity of four tons each time. Buying a heavy-duty storage rack will have more load-bearing capacity.

2. Widely applicable.

This is an important reason for the widespread promotion of heavy-duty storage racks. Heavy-duty storage racks do not require storage of goods, and almost all goods can be stored on heavy-duty storage racks.

3. Convenient storage and selection.

The arrangement of heavy-duty storage racks is relatively clear. When storing goods, the forklift can be directly driven to the racks to be stored, making it very convenient for both inventory and pickup. Moreover, when selecting goods, it is easy to see the situation of all goods at a glance.

4. Height is not limited.

The height of heavy-duty storage racks can be highly selective, with a minimum of 1.5m and a maximum of 30m. This is still due to the limitations of warehouse space, and the space on each floor can be adjusted, making it very convenient.

5. Easy installation.

Heavy-duty storage racks are not connected by screws or directly welded like other racks. They rely on combination, and through special design, plug-in combination is once again very convenient for disassembly and assembly.

Through the above introduction, we believe that everyone can also better understand the reason why heavy-duty storage racks are popular among the public. The reason why heavy-duty storage racks are popular among the public depends on their value in use. It is precisely because of their high value in use that heavy-duty storage racks are increasingly favored by more and more people.
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