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Spieth light duty boltless shelving


Spieth warehouse racking and storage shelving are relatively popular among its customers with its own light- duty storage shelving, especially boltless shelving. Boltless shelving is jointed together with rivets and can be fitted at its length, width, and height aimlessly. This type of storage shelving has nice looking, fast, and easy to disassemble and assemble without special tools. The height can acclimate on38.1 centers. And typically the boltless shelving can be equipped with steel shelves, wooden shelves, and wire mesh decking. 

boltless shelving

 What's the difference between those storage shelf options? 

 1. MDF board

It's a veritably popular option for our customers, and the MDF board is the cheapest option. The maximum loading capacity per storage shelf can hold up to 175 kg. It's easy to reduce the volume of the warehouse rack. 

2. Steel board

The alternate popular option for the customers. It's strong enough to hold the goods. The finish is powder coated which is veritably durable. 

 3. Laminated board

Laminated board is veritably beautiful and relatively popular for customers to display goods. And it can be waterproof, and it's easy to wipe the water. 

 4. Wire mesh decking

Wire mesh decking is veritably rare for our customers to use, because the post and beams can't be packed together, the wire mesh decking will be sealed together so that the final volume will be a little huge. 

The boltless shelving with MDF board is the lowest price among those options. And 400x900x1830mm, 450x900x1830mm, 300x600x1450mm, 300x900x1450mm are the most popular sizes among our customers. 

Spieth warehouse racking and storage shelving as a professional manufacturer of wire mesh decking and wire mesh containers with over 20- year experiences in warehouse racking and several talented designers to design as your request. Spieth is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of industrial and commercial warehouse storage racking systems and materials handlingequipment.Please feel free to communicate our Spieth Sales team, if you have any inquiries related to warehouse racks and storage shelves. We're also looking forward to being your reliable supplier in the near future. 

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