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The advantage of steel pallet


The steel pallet is a kind of auxiliary tool that meets the factory workshops such as logistics, warehousing, and handling industries. It is also known as the metal pallet. The steel pallets are divided into a two-way fork entry and a four-way entry according to the requirements of the supporting equipment. The steel pallet is paved according to the panel. The operating requirements of machinery, shuttle, etc. can also meet the auxiliary storage functions of automated three-dimensional warehouse shelves and various warehouse shelves. 

The steel pallet is made of high-quality steel. Zinc or electrostatic powder coating treatment, without maintenance, a very long service life; suitable for forklift operations, the steel pallet stores it is convenient; the steel pallet can be designed and customized according to the requirements of the loading capacity and the size of the shape.

steel pallet

The advantages of steel pallets:

  1.  Not limited by molds and can be made into any size to meet the requirements of different industries.
  2.  Large and it is not easy to deform on the cargo shelf, which meets the storage requirements of storage shelves of different structures.
  3.  100% recyclable material, which will not waste resources.
  4.  Not affected by temperature changes, which can meet the requirements of the normal temperature library and meet the requirements of cold storage.
  5.  It is in line with international environmental protection regulations. It does not need to be fumigated or have high-temperature disinfection and anticorrosive treatment when it is used for export.
  6.  It has stability, beautiful, good integrity, easy washing and disinfection, non-rotten, recyclable, etc. easy to clean, and not pollute.

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