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The advantages of radio shuttle rack


The radio shuttle rack is very suitable for use in cold storage, bonded warehouse, logistics warehouse and other warehouses. Its automatic planning and operation advantages reduce warehouse equipment operations on the basic of the original staff and improve actual work efficiency.

When stocking, the radio shuttle rack only needs to put the goods in front of the guide rail. Equipped with a shuttle trolley guide in the depth direction, the wireless remote shuttle on the guide rail will automatically transport the pallet to the guide rail and place it deep in the guide rail. When picking up the goods, the shuttle will place the pallet on the rails and the front of the forklift can remove it.

The advantages of the radio shuttle rack are below:

1. Carry out intensive storage and sequential pick-up of palletized goods, relying on the terminal to control the operation of the shuttle.

2. Using the increased stacker and other equipment, the radio shuttle racking system has finalized the needs of up, down, left, and right inventory and pick-up.

3. In the storage radio shuttle racking system, the shuttle car is the core part.

4. The depth of the roadway, the total amount of goods, the frequency of shipments and other factors comprehensively determine the number and operating efficiency of shuttle vehicles;

5. Forklifts and other equipment place the goods on the front end of the roadway guide rail of the designed warehouse rack, and the shuttle car carries and stores them according to the instructions;

6. The space utilization rate can reach about 80%, and the drive-in racking use rate can only reach 60-70%;

7. During the long-term use of the radio shuttle rack in the later stage, its personnel cost and equipment maintenance cost will be far lower than that of ordinary warehouse racks, which is worth considering in the long run.

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