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The advantages of shuttle rack system


The main materials of the shuttle rack systems are all high-quality profiles from the Shanghai Baosteel factory and a large domestic steel factory, and the main parts of the shuttle car are all well-known imported parts, which ensures the quality and stability of the racking system. Reasonable planning and many functions of the shuttle make the whole storage system have a high operating efficiency. The battery of the shuttle car is an environmentally friendly and durable maintenance-free manganese battery, which has a long life, lightweight, and is easy to carry and replace.

The surface spraying material of the shuttle rack system is made of high-quality powder, which has the advantages of anti-rust, anti-corrosion, non-toxic, and non-polluting, which is not only environmentally friendly but also prolongs the service life of the rack.

shuttle rack system

The wheel material of the shuttle car is made of wear-resistant polyurethane material, which not only prolongs the service life but also reduces the running noise. The joints of the galvanized track are not welded and are connected with carriage bolts and connectors. The error is less than 3mm, which ensures the safety of the guide rail. Horizontal, wear-resistant polyurethane and smooth tracks make this storage system run with very little noise. The shuttle car allows the maximum deformation of the pallet to reach 45mm. The surface of the rack is sprayed smooth, and the curve design of the shuttle car is perfect. The whole rack system has a beautiful appearance, which improves the overall image of the enterprise. The design of the main material of the rack is reasonable, and the transportation is convenient no matter in weight or size. The racks are connected by bolts and hanging teeth, which is convenient for on-site installation and later maintenance.

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