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The knowledge of the shelving


Warehouse rack features:

1. Fully assembled structure, free combination, easy to dismantle and assemble;

2. Department of materials are optimized and strong bearing capacity.

3.Layer height can be adjusted every 50mm;

4. Both the surface electrostatics rack, spray, spraying surface is smooth and flat;

5.The material of all kinds of high quality cold formed steel interior quality, appearance, with very superior performance.

The influence and function of steel shelves are as follows:

(1) the rack is a kind of the design can make full use of storage space, improve the utilization of storage capacity, and increase the storage capacity of the reservoir..

(2) the goods stored in the rack are stuck to each other, and small loss of material, which can completely ensure the function is to reduce the loss of material the goods.

(3) if the goods shelves are a convenient easy to count and measure, can be first in first out.

(4) measures to ensure the quality of stock, such as moisture, dust, theft, damage prevention, which can be adopted to improve the quality of storage material.

(5) the design of a lot of new shelves produce mechanization and automation of warehouse.

Warehouse rack

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