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Tips for cantilever racking systems


Recently a client from Australia needs the cantilever racking for their long pipes storage, perhaps it is strange for some people, here is some recommendation about this product: 

Spieth cantilever racking systems are excellent for large, bulky, long, or oddly shaped materials. A cantilever pipe rack is a special storage rack, it is mainly suitable for storing various long materials, ring materials, plates, and irregular materials. Its cantilever arm elevations are easily adjustable to accommodate any size of goods. The Unique Rotate Arms can prevent goods and arms from being damaged by accidental operation. It can range in sizes, and gauges and accessories are available to meet all your requirements.

Features below:

*Bolted steel frame with adjustable arms.

*Painted any color or hot-dipped galvanized finish.

*Optional arm lengths to suit your items.

*Steel end-stops available to prevent piping from rolling forward.

*Available as a single-sided or double-sided rack.

*Delivered flat-packed, for simple self-assembly.

*Allows multiple extension bays to be added for continuous spans of storage.

When the cantilever project successfully completed, the installation crew works safely and efficiently to meet your deadline. We custom-made all types of steel storage systems.

Our aim is to optimize your warehouse needs to achieve an efficient storage process, improving customer satisfaction and experience. We will help you with rack solutions for custom warehouse storage, warehouse shelving, long-span shelving, mezzanine floors and wire mesh decks, and pallet rack DIY projects. Talk to us about selective pallet racking, double-deep pallet racking, mobile pallet racking, gravity flow pallet racks, carton live storage, push-back pallet racking, the high bay warehouse, drive-in pallet racking, drive-through pallet racking, narrow aisle pallet racking, cold storage pallet racking, very narrow aisle VNA wire guidance, rack labeling, FREE CAD design, integration with fire systems and egress, compatibility of rack height and aisle width with forklift design, our heavy-duty economical custom rack protectors, pallet racking dismantling and buy-back, etc.
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